Snake in eagle's shadow, London, 2004

'For many years we spoke in private of this moment, in part because our parents somehow deemed the presence of the van in the flight path of nature as a cause of the birds death. We resolved to recreate the bird and somehow return the spirit to its form. Somehow we thought that we could make the bird. Constructing crude versions of the owl from different species we either caught in snares or shot with air rifles, the wings of a starling attached to the body of a pheasant cut below the dorsal nerve cord and re-assembled with super glue. Having not yet reached our teen years such acts seemed entirely logical, if it looked like the bird we had seen and was fixed correctly then surely it would live ...'

- extract from Snake in eagle's shadow

'Like Beads on an Abacus', Rockwell, (a group show curated by Andrew Hunt).