Presence (Cultural Excavation No.5), Lenbachhaus Museum, Munich, 2002

Site specific piece made for 'At the beginning was a scandal', a group show curated by Alun Rowland and Suzanne Clausen.

The object first appeared on the cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Presence' album, recorded at Musicland studios, Munich, in 1976. Reminescent of many forms the silhouette appears loaded with symbolic value. An object without explicit function, FlatPack001 approached a number of people to ascribe a 'function'.

Mark Titchner
Gavin Wade
Matthew Higgs
Charlotte Cullinan & Jeanine Richards
Nigel Prince
Colin Ledwith
Damian Cruikshank
Rob Tuffnell
Nathaniel Mellors
Andy Hunt
Storm Thorgerson
Stephen Beasley
Will Bradley
Phil Coy
Dan Kidner